Alternative Clothing and Heavy Metal Fashion

My Little Halo is an edgy and original designer of alternative and heavy metal fashion based in the UK. All fashion designs are the sole product of founder and designer, Emily – a self-taught fashion designer and seamstress who bought a sewing machine at the edge of 17 for the single of purpose of creating clothing she could wear with pride. Unfortunately in 2016 after 10 years running, My Little Halo was forced to close due to long suffered health problems as a result of stress associated with over-working. But during a 6 month mini retirement Emily was able to rest, re-gain her health and make the decision that she couldn't throw away something she'd put her heart and soul into for so many years. And so, My Little Halo is back and Emily is full of new energy and creative ideas to bring to life.

Today, My Little Halo is a small and independent clothing company that defies labels and innovates tirelessly on the alternative fashion scene. Emily works alone producing all of her creative fashions entirely by hand in her studio in the UK and ships her finished garments all over the world. Have a look at the clothing currently available on site, and be sure to check in frequently and follow My Little Halo on Instagram or Facebook to see all of the latest heavy metal fashion designs coming soon.

Much More than Goth Clothing

One of My Little Halo’s primary goals has always been to innovate – to bring a fresh and unique angle to the world of alternative clothing. The fashions Emily releases defy labels like ‘goth’, ‘dark’ or ‘metal’. Instead, the fashions that she produces are a hybrid of many different alternative styles. In recent years there are many Chinese websites who have stolen Emilys photographs to sell cheap immitations that no doubt look nothing like the original and will fall apart on the first use. But be assured this My Little Halo website is the ONLY place where can buy genuine original My Little Halo designs that are truely made with quality and pride by Emily alone. If you fall for buying for it anywhere else you should expect to geet what you pay for! 

My Little Halo’s fashion designs reflect the creativity of Emily and she takes great inspiration from some of her favourite heavy metal bands, including the following:

  • Iron Maiden
  • Judas Priest
  • W.A.S.P
  • Motorhead
  • Motley Crue

While other alternative designers are churning out cookie-cutter styles that embrace the movement without really tapping into its core inspirations, Emily is creating metal fashions that reflect the true spirit of the alternative movement. When she isn't in the studio she spends hours sketching, doodling and dreaming up new creative ideas which she will later bring to life. But more often than not, she wont even set out with a specific design in mind and instead allows the design to take shape as she goes along. She finds this to be a much more natural way of doing things as sometimes following a design or a plan step by step can tend to dampen the creative fire but going with the flow allows the opportunity for inspiration to spark continually thoughout the creating process!

Unlike most alternative clothing labels, most of Emily's My Little Halo designs are one of a kind and unique, this means that every customer who shops at My Little Halo can rest assured that no one else in the world will have the exact same piece of clothing. Each garment is produced individually by hand with great care, no factory production lines here! However due to popular request in more recent years, Emily will from time to time release multi-size items, particularly pants and hotpants, therefore offering a wider range of sizes to suit more customers. These items are released as and when, rather than in a big monthly collection release, as per standard.

Order Extremely Original Alternative Clothes

Alternative clothing does more than inspire – it empowers. Emily first set out to create a sense of style that reflected her inner creativity. This all began with sketches of clothing she wished she could own and soon blossomed into fully-fledged clothing designs, which continue to grow more extravagant as the years go on. The creative and original spirit continues to propel her operations forward. Have a look at the latest alternative clothing releases, and please don’t hesitate to contact My Little Halo should you have any questions.